I’m pleased to announce the inaugural episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast.

Like Wake Up, Human itself, this podcast is dedicated to reawakening the essential powers of the human being.

Podcast episodes will examine the ways we humans have become disconnected—from our innate wisdom, from each other, and from the natural world—and explore practical strategies for returning to wholeness. We’re waking up together.

In each episode, I’ll be interviewing people whose lives embody, reflect, or inspire this important work.

Drop in for information and inspiration to help us reconnect and heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet.

The first episode is up!

Podcast Episode #1 has just gone live, and I’ll be sending it out immediately following this announcement. The episode can also be accessed below, as well as at the new podcast link on the WUH website.

Note that the podcast is not yet live on Apple Podcasts, Google, etc., but will be soon, and when that happens I’ll provide subscription links on the main podcast page.

This project is a labor of love that has been months in the making. I hope you’ll enjoy and benefit from what’s inside.

Episode 1: The Mythic Resistance with Tonja Reichley

In this inaugural episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast, I talk with Tonja Reichley, an herbalist, ritualist and author in the Irish Celtic tradition. Our conversation centers on the theme of the mythic resistance: exploring myth as a tool for reclaiming our place—and our power—within the often confusing matrix of modern cultural and social identities.

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