Love as a Spiritual Path ~ with Matthew Busse

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The more we start listening to and following our heart, the clearer the path becomes.

Matthew Busse

In this episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast, I talk with Matthew Busse, teacher in residence at the Abbey of the Redwoods, a contemplative interfaith community in Northern California.

My conversation with Matthew explores his current teaching on the theme of “Love as a Spiritual Path,” offering practices that reconnect us to our hearts for healing, in a world that has, in so many ways, forgotten how to love.  

We’ll talk about the value of an interfaith approach to spirituality, especially important in this time when so many of us have been turned off by conventional religion. We’ll explore how the word “love” is often misused or co-opted in our culture, and the importance of reclaiming it’s true meaning for ourselves.

We’ll ask why we sometimes struggle to love ourselves or others, and offer some simple practices to reconnect with our hearts. And we’ll talk about “saving what we love, vs. fighting what we hate”: exploring love, not only as a healing path for the individual, but as a tool for the activist working for a more just and loving world.

Join us for conversation on these topics and more in this episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast.


You can learn more about Matthew and his work at his website,, and find more of his writings and videos at the

When we’re ready to love ourselves, then our intuition will lead us down the right path. It may be full of hurdles and pitfalls, it may lead us off a cliff into a fiery crash or double back on itself in seemingly endless loops. But deep down inside, we know the way.

Matthew Busse

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