Wake Up, Human 002: An Introduction to the Podcast

In this episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast, I give an introduction to Wake Up, Human: the philosophy and background of the project in general, and the intention behind the podcast.

My conversation centers on the topic of separation sickness: what it is, where it comes from, and why we need to address it if we are to find a way to heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet.

Wake Up, Human 001: The Mythic Resistance

In this inaugural episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast, I talk with Tonja Reichley, an herbalist, ritualist and author in the Irish Celtic tradition. Our conversation centers on the theme of the mythic resistance: exploring myth as portal to finding our place – and our strength – within the often confusing matrix of modern cultural and social identities.

The Wake Up, Human Podcast is Alive!

I’m pleased to announce the inaugural episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast. Like the WUH project itself, the podcast is dedicated to reawakening the essential powers of the human being.