Everyone belongs to this earth.

I understand the healthy balance of our lands has been disrupted by human activity in many ways, and it’s sometimes necessary to remove non-native species to make room for the native to thrive. But does that not mean that every life is beautiful and worthy of respect? Does that not mean that every thistle is sacred?

Something Special about Magnolias…

Gazing at these ancient companions, I wonder…what wisdom do they ferry into the present day from 100 million years ago? What gifts from the past can they offer us? Who were we, and what did we know, when we knew them best?

Pro-this, Anti-that: In a Divided World, I’m Pro-Compassion.

Language of divisiveness—left vs. right, or pro- vs. anti- in the time of Covid, for example—is not the language of the people. When used by the ruling and elite classes, it’s language designed to pull us apart, by people who benefit from our division.

Rest is Radical.

Our culture might try to convince us to disregard rest as a privilege, or a luxury. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In this society that depends upon our constant movement to keep its machine running—and rewards us for it—rest is a radical act.

What if Nothing had a Name? A Practice in Connection without Words.

In this essay I explore the power of words, both to awaken us, and separate us from the rest of life. Included are some practical exercises I’ve been experimenting with, in an effort to step away from the constraints of language and toward the true nature of things.

Why are We Sleeping? An Essay on Disconnection.

This is not the way it has to be. By recognizing our state of disconnection, we gain the ability to address it. We can dismantle the rationalizations that allow us to destroy ourselves, each other, and our home. We can wake up into reconnection, and grow together, and heal.