We are All Indigenous to Somewhere.

A journey to Ireland brought me closer to my worldly roots, and in the process, reminded me that I am always rooted…wherever I may be.


Spending time in Ireland, so close to the lands where my own ancestors would have lived many centuries ago, is healing.

Where I grew up in the American West, it feels right to honor and name the indigenous peoples of that place, and respect the spirits of their ancestors however I can. Knowing that I am from that place but not “from” there, I love and tend that dry and sun-glazed land the best I can, trusting that somehow I know what she needs.

For human and nature are one in soul, no matter the place we meet.

We are all indigenous to this planet. There is no human being who is not rooted in some ancient place.

But it’s healing to be in a place where the indigenous spirits and ancestors are my own. Where my toes are familiar with the moss, and waves crash over rocks making music that fits the curve of my ear. Where even the birds seem to be speaking my language.

This old tree I passed every day during my time in Ireland caught my attention. Like me, she is rooted in this place. Unlike me, she has never lived anywhere else. So I listened to her. What does she know that I’ve forgotten?

I believe that when we honor our own story and walk in the wildness of our own ancestral lands (even if only in our hearts), all land becomes more sacred. ✨


This post inspired me to record podcast Episode 11, “We Are All Indigenous,” available here.

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