Reject that which keeps us separate. Awaken to that which makes us whole.


The mission of Wake Up, Human is to investigate, educate, and advocate for reawakening the essential powers of the human being.

The project explores the ways we humans have become disconnected from our native ways of knowing, and offers practical knowledge and inspiration for coming back into wholeness, in order to heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet.

WUH is intended to be a resource and support for those who long to recover (or deepen into relationship with) our lost connections. For those interested in this kind of healing aligned with participation/action in the world, this space offers conversation and community, ideas and tools to support the journey.

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Wake Up, Human is dedicated to reawakening the essential powers of the
human being, to heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet.

We envision a world that is humane, connected, sustainable, inclusive and respectful of all human and nonhuman beings.

This world of our vision is an awakened world, alive with humans who have roused from our collective sleep, pushed off the yoke of centuries of oppressive and manipulative structures that have bound us, and devoted ourselves to the task of healing our ailing planet.

We humans are far more than our modern patriarchal, capitalist, settler-colonialist, media-manipulated narratives would have us believe. We are gifted with powers and deep memories, long traditions and wise ancestors. We are cosmic creations living in shared communal destiny with all of life, and the rest of the world is waiting for us to wake up.

Our vision lies in that wakefulness: a humanity reconnected with our native wisdom, our hearts remembered into sacred interconnection. We have awakened from the nightmare we have created on this planet, and are using our great intellectual, intuitive, and spiritual powers to repair and regenerate our world.

Core Values

Wake Up, Human is founded upon a value of respect and care for all life. Embedded within this value is intuitive and firm adherence to the following, which guide our choices and our actions:

equality of all beings

All beings, human and nonhuman, are of equal value to life, and deserving of equal dignity, respect, and protection. All humans are of equal value. All cultures are of equal value. All life is sacred.

primacy of nature

The natural world is a holistic, living organism, of which we humans are but one part. She is the source of our breath and the vessel that contains our lives. What we do to nature and her beings, we do to ourselves. Nature deserves and demands our respect and protection.

respect for the unseen

We respect the realms and truths that lie beyond the bounds of the material world and the physical senses. This includes respect for the wisdom of ancestors and the needs of future generations. It includes recognition of the internal worlds of consciousness and mind, and cosmic and spiritual laws that are beyond our understanding. Only with this humility can we come to know our place and our powers in the world, and harness the insight we need for healing.

necessity of inner & outer work

We commit to devoting energies to inner cultivation of mind and spirit, to give us strength to remain calm in the storm. And we commit to the outer work of action in the world, to participate in regeneration, justice, and healing. We understand that both inner and outer work are needed to confront the massive challenges that face our world.


Respect for life requires that we engage with challenge, conflict, or competing needs in a way that honors the dignity of all creatures. This means refusing to participate in acts of violence. We commit to center compassion toward others at the root of our thought and action. We refuse to meet hatred with hatred or violence with violence, but commit to meet both with firm resistance. This is not just nonviolent, but anti-violent.

resistance to supremacy

We resist and support the dismantling of any structures and systems designed, consciously or unconsciously, to keep us separate or asleep.

This includes modern forms of supremacy, including racism, classism, sexism, and speciesism, that separate us from one another and from an ethic of care for other beings.

We commit to question authorities, mainstream narratives, and aspects of
conventional culture that insult our sensibilities toward wholeness.

We recognize that all forms of oppression favoring one community of beings over another are part of the same interdependent web of oppression, and combined are part of our collective separation sickness. And we affirm, in the words of MLK, Jr., that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

And we commit to repair and nourish the connective aspects within us: the feminine, the mystery, ancestral memory, the land, the cycles of life.