A conversation with Rose De Dan

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When the animals share with us who they are, they also show us the way back to who we are.

Rose De Dan


My guest this episode is Rose De Dan: animal communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, shamanic energy healer, and author.

Rose is a healer who’s tapped into an ancient-rooted conversation that involves not only the human world, but also the world of the non-human animals, the world of nature, and the spirit world. Her skills and experience link back to a time when we humans were more attuned to the conversations happening around us in nature. And though she’s developed some unique abilities, Rose is quick to remind us that those abilities are available to all of us…if we are willing to listen.

So, we’re going to talk a bit about that listening—what it is, and how we can connect to it.

We’ll talk about what animals can teach us (when we listen) about living in the moment, and about letting go.

We’ll reflect on the importance of doing our own personal healing work before we can truly do healing work for animals—and Rose will give us a piece of advice we animal lovers need to know if we want to help animals in the most effective way.

We’ll explore how working in collaboration with other species might offer solutions to global-scale problems, even if at times we feel helpless individually.

And Rose will also share some personal stories from her own journey of waking up, to her powers and her place in the wild conversation of life.

This episode is, in many ways, about unlearning the modern-world conditioning that has separated us from our native ability to hear and understand the nonhuman languages of life. I hope you’ll join Rose and me as we explore the potential for re-learning connection, and the power it offers us to heal, ourselves, and the world.


You can learn more about Rose, and find info on her healing sessions, classes, and other work at her website, at www.reikishamanic.com.


“With the help of All My Relations, your shamanic allies, and holding space in balance with a foot in both worlds, you are not powerless, you are power with.”

Rose De Dan