Wake Up, Human 003: Daoist Tips for Getting Back to the Garden

Taoist Tips for Getting Back to the Garden

with Solala Towler

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Episode 3: Taoist Tips for Getting Back to the Garden with Solala Towler

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“If there’s no joy, then what’s the point?”

Solala Towler

In this episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast, I talk with Solala Towler, a modern American teacher of the ancient Chinese philosophy and practice of Taoism. Our conversation centers on the theme of Taoist Tips for Getting Back to the Garden: exploring Taoism as a practice for reconnecting to our true nature—and our true knowledge—within the complex and sometimes overwhelming modern world.

We’ll weave through discussions on Taoism as embodied practice, the difference between “head knowledge” and “belly knowledge,” and guidance from the Tao on living in balance during times of trouble. We’ll have some fun exploring the Taoist way of being serious without being too serious, and we’ll even ask the quasi-serious question, “Do white people have chi?”

Join us for conversation on those topics and more in Episode 3 of the Wake Up, Human podcast.

Learn more about Solala, and his many offerings. on his website at www.abodetao.com.

Bonus audio: Golden Light Meditation

During our interview conversation, Solala offered a guided meditation for listeners. That meditation is available for listening below.

Guided Meditation: Golden Light

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • The Hidden Life of Trees, a book by Peter Wohlleben
  • Hua Ching Ni, Taoist master, teacher, and author
  • Master Chungliang Al Huang, highly regarded authority on Tai Ji, Taoist studies and related disciplines
  • Zuowang Daoist meditation practice, “sitting and forgetting”
  • Yang Sheng: Nourishing Life practices

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