Wake Up, Human 004: Giving Ourselves Permission

Giving Ourselves Permission

(…and writing about it.) With Marci Brockmann

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We have the ruby slippers all the time.

Marci Brockmann

In this episode of the Wake Up, Human podcast, I talk with Marci Brockmann, an author and teacher whose work empowers people to live more fulfilled lives through the healing power of expressive writing. Our conversation centers on the theme of giving ourselves permission: permission to be who we are, to chart our own path, and to seek inside ourselves for validation, instead of waiting for the outside world to give it to us.

We’ll weave through discussions on hearing the inner voice within the outer noise, shifting our locus of control from the outside in, and why “going with the flow” is not enough if we want to live a fulfilled life. We’ll also explore the practice of journaling as a portal to self-discovery, a way to connect with the deeper knowing we all carry within.

And we’ll even ask the bonus question: what can spawning salmon teach us about giving ourselves permission?

Marci has a delightful personality, and tells some great stories, too. I hope you’ll join us for conversation on those topics and more in Episode 4 of the Wake Up, Human podcast.

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Special offers from Marci as mentioned in the episode:

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Purchase a copy of Marci’s memoir, Permission to Land, directly from her website at www.marcibrockmann.com, and use the code BookBundleDeal at checkout. Along with the memoir you’ll receive a free copy of the accompanying Permission to Land journal workbook, and a custom bookmark as well.

“We don’t need anyone else to give us permission to do anything. Just the sheer fact that we are standing on this earth and drawing breath into our lungs gives us that right.”

Marci Brockmann

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