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The Wake Up, Human podcast is dedicated to reawakening the essential powers of the human being.

This podcast explores the ways we humans have become disconnected from our native ways of knowing, what we have lost, and practical knowledge and wisdom for coming back into wholeness.

In each episode, I interview people whose lives embody, reflect, or inspire this important work. (Or sometimes I might just chat it up myself.)

Drop in for information and inspiration to help us reawaken and heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet.

~ Current Episode ~

Episode 7:

We Are All Indigenous

with Shannon Wills

In this episode, I read aloud one of my own written works. The piece, called “We Are All Indigenous,” is a reflection on what it means to belong to a place, and the strange reality of asking that question while living in a land that is not one’s ancestral home. If we are not native to the place we live, how can we honor the peoples indigenous to the land we live upon, while also nurturing our own roots, and navigating toward own sense of place and home? I hope you’ll find something of value in my words.

~ Recent Episodes ~

Wake Up, Human Ep.11: We Are All Indigenous Wake Up, Human

In this episode I narrate one of my own written works, a piece entitled, "We Are All Indigenous." I humbly offer this story as a contribution to the important conversation in this country about healing the wounds of the peoples of this land, both those who have been historically oppressed and those who are descended from the oppressors—and everyone in between.
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