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the many paths to waking up

Here you’ll find resources for deepening into the themes of Wake Up, Human, including books and articles, audio and video, & practical tools and inspirations for waking into wholeness.


Social Justice & Change

Waking up is not only a personal endeavor. It requires social awareness, and at times, brave work for social change. Nonviolence and sacred activism are powerful tools to fight for what we believe in without losing our souls. We can deconstruct and dismantle unjust and violent structures that force us into separation, and build new structures that work for everyone, not just the powerful few. 

~This resource section is new and the lists are works in progress, not exhaustive by any means. Suggest a resource here—we’re especially grateful for suggestions of work by women and BIPOC creators.

Imagine yourself at the gates of a mansion, the rooms of which contain the annals of all human wisdom and experience since the beginning of time. You wrap your fingers around the bars of the gates and peer through, and a remembrance is kindled in your heart. 

Living in a modern world that has stifled the innate intelligence and knowing of your species, yet something in you knows you were made for something more. Curiosity surges through your bones, and you shake at the bars of the gates. 

To your surprise the gates swing open before you. You realize they were unlocked—they’ve been unlocked all the time—you only needed to walk through. As you cross the threshold to your own mansion, you remember that everything you need is here. You only needed to arrive.

Each of the themes in this section is a window to the exploration of native human intelligence. Your talents and skills and the passions you were born with have given you a map. These are not the only windows, and there’s no right way to enter…no one way to wake up. But there may be a path (or paths) that call more directly to you

May the exploration serve you well.

Notes on resources:

  • This section is an introduction to themes touched upon by Wake Up, Human. It’s not inclusive of all the themes or all the ways, but is meant to support you in finding your own windows to waking. 
  • There’s overlap between the sections, and some repetition. Sections are separated to make them easier to browse. But it’s not possible to separate ‘waking up’ into pieces and parts. Everything is connected.
  • If anything here strikes you as not relevant, not right or ‘not real,’ feel free to skip it and just take what works for you. But do consider setting aside judgment, and open to the possibility that you may find value in unexpected places.
  • This section is a work in progress. If there’s something you think is missing (should be included) or something that is clearly off, please share so the lists can be refined and made more helpful.

Suggest a resource:

  • This resource section is new and the lists are works in progress, not exhaustive by any means. The intention is to share information and inspiration to support each other in waking up, so please feel free to suggest a resource! You can do that here.

There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.