Resources: not quite ready but coming soon...

Check back to find resources for deepening into the themes of Wake Up, Human, including books and articles, audio and video, & practical tools and inspirations for waking into wholeness. Coming soon (winter, 2022).

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  • This is just to break down the themes that this project explores, and to offer ways to delve into them. It’s not all the themes or all the ways. 
  • There’s overlap between these sections, and some repeating. I’ve separated the sections to make it easier to browse. But it’s not possible to separate them because they’re all interrelated. 
  • Each of these is a window through which we can enter/wake up…the window of spirit, the window of the more-than-human world, etc. 
  • To make it easier, there’s a search function? 
  • Ideas that are popping up in my head…a page on body, which includes Ayurveda, maybe some rewilding (a la Cate S.), the breathing practices, could also be plant medicines, food, fermenting, earthing, Chris Beat Cancer, etc., Nicole Apelian
  • Sensory integration: Jon talks about this in his YT video: 
  • If anything at all here strikes you as “not real,” consider setting aside that judgment and consider that what is here may indeed be real, and that it is your modern consciousness that has shrunk, through no fault of your own, to a size that can’t take in all of reality. 
  • The intentions is to share my inspirations, so they might inspire someone like you!