Now is the time for Ancestral Therapy.

Deprogram & Unlearn | Reconnect & Remember | Heal Your Life

Deprogram & Unlearn
Reconnect & Remember
Heal Your Life

"The most appropriate form of psychology is one that reconnects the human animal with the rest of life on earth."

Welcome to Ancestral Therapy:

~ Reconnection to the web of life, as a way of life. ~

If you’re feeling alone, you’re not alone. 

It makes sense that so many of us feel alone and disconnected inside our hyper-connected world. Living in a fast-paced and head-centered society, we’ve been separated from our bodies, our hearts, and our very roots as human beings. So many of us have forgotten what we even want, or who we really are.

If you feel this way, it is not your fault. 

We live in a world that’s been programmed, conditioned, commodified, colonized, and materialized. Spirit is missing; soul has been forgotten. Humans all around the world have been cut from our ancestral roots, and we’re left not knowing where we belong. 

Ancestral therapy offers holistic mind-body-spirit-centered practices for reclaiming our ancient knowing, and translates it into practical strategies for living whole, connected modern lives.

Come along on a journey of reconnection, to heal from the inside out and the outside in, and to remember who you are.

The world is waiting for us to remember.

what is ancestral therapy?

~ Ancient wisdom meets modern healing ~

Depending on your personal needs, a customized plan for ancestral reconnection may include:

who is this for?

Ancestral therapy is for you if...

If any of this sounds like you...let's talk.

a little about me:

Embracing principles of ecopsychology, ancestral reconnection, and earth-based spirituality, I offer therapeutic healing programs to support you on your journey of remembrance. *

Hi! I’m Shannon. I offer support for fellow humans who wish to heal our shared separation wounds: separation from each other, from the natural world, and from our own inner knowing and wisdom.

My roots are linked to Europe, and my earth-honoring, pre-colonial ancestors are indigenous to European lands and ancestral traditions. Much of my life has been a journey of healing the separations from my own lands and traditional ways, and reconnecting to my own native spirit. I want to help you do the same. 

My work is centered on unlearning colonial, capitalist programming, reclaiming our own indigenous ancestral roots (wherever we may be from) and finding our way back home, to a place of belonging to ourselves and our world.

As a therapeutic facilitator, I’ll support you to:

  • Reconnect to the native intelligence that is your birthright as a human being
  • Deepen into conversation with that intelligence, and learn to navigate the challenges of life with guidance from your own inner knowing
  • Re-member your wholeness and your innate gifts, so you can apply them to your daily life and relationships
  • Connect those gifts in service to community and planet (the world needs your superpowers!)

I believe that healing is often not about “solving” our problems, but rather, opening our hearts and minds to receive them so the answers can be revealed. 

I know that we are all indigenous to this planet. I believe that all life is sacred. (That’s me on the left, saving that “one” stranded starfish). And I believe that if we remember the former, we will honor the latter, and we can heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet. 

* I am not a licensed therapist. I am a therapeutic facilitator, healing practitioner and guide. To learn more about me and my background click here; and to get to know me even better, check out the Wake Up, Human Podcast!

session Descriptions & pricing:

I am able to offer a small number of reduced rate packages to support those for whom ancestral therapy would otherwise be out of reach. Please reach out to me if this would be of service to you.

Let's journey together...

To heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet.

We modern humans have forgotten who we are. We’ve forgotten we’re strands in the web of life and sparks of the divine. And because of that forgetting, not only are we destroying our planet, but so many of us are feeling alone, severed from our inner guidance, and desperate for meaning and connection. 

I work with people who are tired of living in this distracted world of boxes and screens, and know there is infinitely more to the mystery of being human. We’ve been programmed and conditioned into a broken world, and we’re tired of feeling broken too. We feel our deepest ancient knowing vibrating in our bones, and we hear our ancestors calling us to awaken. We’re ready to return. 

I hear the calling, too. I’ll walk with you as you reconnect to your own native ways of knowing and being, heal your heart and spirit, and reclaim your unique path for living skillfully in the modern world—with ancient wisdom to guide you.

Thank you for remembering with me.

The natural world is not a place we go to visit; it's not a place we enter. We're not in nature; we are nature.

The natural world is not a place we go. It's not a place we're in. We're not in nature; we are nature.