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Wake Up, Human 007: Living a Life of No Regrets

I talk with author and editor Jeffrey S. Cramer of the Walden Woods Project. We explore the life and legacy of Henry David Thoreau, including discussions on themes of Walden and Civil Disobedience, the power of the moral compass, and the art of living deliberately in a distracted world.

Wake Up, Human 006: Your Body is Your Own Business

I talk with movement specialist Janis Isaman on the theme of body awareness: shifting our attention from outward appearance to the inward experience of our bodies that is our birthright—and our empowerment.

Wake Up, Human 005: The Magic of Breathwork

I talk with Travis Steffens, a teacher and practitioner of breathwork. We’ll cover the science behind breathwork, the mechanics of breathing practices, and the gifts that breathwork offers to the mystic and the spiritual seeker.

Wake Up, Human 004: Giving Ourselves Permission

I’m joined by the delightful Marci Brockmann, an author and teacher whose work empowers people to live more fulfilled lives through the healing power of expressive writing. Our conversation centers on the theme of giving ourselves permission: permission to be who we are, to chart our own path, and to seek inside ourselves for validation, instead of waiting for the outside world to give it to us.

Why are We Sleeping? An Essay on Disconnection.

This is not the way it has to be. By recognizing our state of disconnection, we gain the ability to address it. We can dismantle the rationalizations that allow us to destroy ourselves, each other, and our home. We can wake up into reconnection, and grow together, and heal.

Wake Up, Human 003: Daoist Tips for Getting Back to the Garden

I talk with Solala Towler, a modern American teacher of the ancient Chinese philosophy and practice of Taoism. Our conversation centers on the theme “Taoist Tips for Getting Back to the Garden”: exploring Taoism as a practice for returning to our true nature—and our true knowledge—within the complex and sometimes overwhelming modern world.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Shannon. I write on themes of self-realization, awakened activism, and reconnection with the natural world: reclaiming our full power as human beings. As a student of psychology, I’m interested in how we perceive the world, and how that perception colors our experience and choices. As a long-time supporter of animal rights and environmental justice, I’m passionate about social change and nonviolent activism. As a spiritual seeker, I’m fascinated to explore realms of reality that lie beyond our senses, and the traditions and cultures that have not yet forgotten them. And as a devoted student of the arts, I draw inspiration from great thinkers and dreamers of ages past, and hope to channel their beauty and wisdom into this modern moment.  You can read a little more about me here.

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