Everyone belongs to this earth.

I understand the healthy balance of our lands has been disrupted by human activity in many ways, and it’s sometimes necessary to remove non-native species to make room for the native to thrive. But does that not mean that every life is beautiful and worthy of respect? Does that not mean that every thistle is sacred?

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Wake Up, Human 016: The Power of Nonviolence

I talk with Lorin Peters, a physicist, teacher, and lifelong activist for nonviolence and peace. Our conversation centers on themes of war, peace, and religion, and some of the ways in which nonviolence can wake us up as a spiritually and socially transformative power. It’s inspiration for questioning the status quo.

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Something Special about Magnolias…

Gazing at these ancient companions, I wonder…what wisdom do they ferry into the present day from 100 million years ago? What gifts from the past can they offer us? Who were we, and what did we know, when we knew them best?

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Shannon. I write on themes of self-realization, awakened activism, and reconnection with the natural world: reclaiming our full power as human beings.

As a student of psychology, I’m interested in how we perceive the world, and how that perception colors our experience and choices. As a long-time supporter of animal rights and environmental justice, I’m passionate about social change and nonviolent activism.

As a spiritual seeker, I’m fascinated to explore realms of reality that lie beyond our senses, and the traditions and cultures that have not yet forgotten them. And as a devoted student of the arts, I draw inspiration from great thinkers and dreamers of ages past, and hope to channel their beauty and wisdom into this modern moment. 

You can read a little more about me here.

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