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Pro-this, Anti-that: In a Divided World, I’m Pro-Compassion.

Language of divisiveness—left vs. right, or pro- vs. anti- in the time of Covid, for example—is not the language of the people. When used by the ruling and elite classes, it’s language designed to pull us apart, by people who benefit from our division.

Wake Up, Human 012: Love as a Spiritual Path

I talk with Matthew Busse on the theme of Love as a Spiritual Path: reconnecting to our hearts and reclaiming the power of love, not only as a healing path for the individual, but as a tool for the activist working for a more just and loving world.

Wake Up, Human 011: We Are All Indigenous

In this episode I narrate one of my own written works, a piece entitled, “We Are All Indigenous.” I humbly offer this story as a contribution to the important conversation in this country about healing the wounds of the peoples of this land, both those who have been historically oppressed and those who are descended from the oppressors—and everyone in between.

Wake Up, Human 010: Everyone is an Artist

I talk with artist and teacher Denise Kester about the fundamental power of creativity. We’ll explore creativity as a doorway to the unconscious, the relationship between creativity and dreaming, and the notion that creativity is not a luxury, but an essential need of the human being.

Wake Up, Human 009: Meditation as Medicine

This episode explores the theme of meditation as a “medicine” to bring us into wholeness, clarity, and sovereignty over our minds. I’ll give a short overview of meditation, share some personal stories from my journey, and provide some practical tips along the way.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Shannon. I write on themes of self-realization, awakened activism, and reconnection with the natural world: reclaiming our full power as human beings. As a student of psychology, I’m interested in how we perceive the world, and how that perception colors our experience and choices. As a long-time supporter of animal rights and environmental justice, I’m passionate about social change and nonviolent activism. As a spiritual seeker, I’m fascinated to explore realms of reality that lie beyond our senses, and the traditions and cultures that have not yet forgotten them. And as a devoted student of the arts, I draw inspiration from great thinkers and dreamers of ages past, and hope to channel their beauty and wisdom into this modern moment.  You can read a little more about me here.

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